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Patient-Specific Intelligence

HipXpert provides a detailed, CT-based, 3D surgical plan that includes component positioning and sizing, leg length, offset, pelvic tilt, and the tuning parameters for the alignment instrument.

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Cloud-Based Planning

Surgical plans are posted to our HIPAA-compliant servers and are available for download and surgeon review prior to the operation.


Smart Mechanical Guidance

HipXpert’s innovative alignment instrument enables surgeons to position the acetabular component in accordance with the plan’s preoperative targets for anteversion and inclination.

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Open Platform

HipXpert is compatible with any implant system. Our software currently supports more than 20 implant systems from leading manufacturers.


Any Approach

HipXpert works with any surgical approach and can be used in primary and revision operations, as well as oncology and fracture cases. The anterior instrument has been shown to be as accurate as the lateral instrument in positioning the acetabular component.3


Easy Integration

The HipXpert Viewer Application runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, the software is touchscreen-enabled to allow for further ease of use in the OR.



HipXpert’s patient-specific alignment instrument takes under three minutes to use in the OR and adds no time to the overall length of the operation, potentially reducing the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy and repeat trials.1


The HipXpert system empowers surgeons to meet their planned anteversion and inclination goals based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Surgeons can reliably navigate the cup to within 4 degrees of targeted anteversion and inclination.2   Additionally, HipXpert's software predicts leg length change to within 1 millimeter.4


With no capital expense and a flexible pay-as-you-go model, the HipXpert system is one of the most affordable navigation solutions on the market today.

Quick Turn-Around

HipXpert has received more than 10,000 planning requests to date. HipXpert provides same-day surgery planning in emergent cases.

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Improved Accuracy

Lateral Alignment Instrument

Anterior Alignment Instrument

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1. MurphyWS, Lane PM, Ward DM. Time Efficiency of a Smart Tool for Hip Navigation. Poster session presented at: THA Robotics and Navigation. 32nd Annual Congress of the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty; 2019 Oct 2-4; Toronto, Canada.
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